Benefits for students due to the TM-BASE

• equal requirements for all participants

• high relation to the field of business economics

• no need for attending expensive preparation courses

Information for Participants

What is TM-BASE?
The TM-BASE is an aptitude test for a special field of studies. It tests the abilities that are particularly important for success in master’s courses of business administration, economics and social sciences. The test is an objective and aptitude diagnostic tool that imposes the same requirements on all applicants. Although the contents of the test are close to specialised fields, it does not require any specific knowledge.




The most important facts at a glance
Here you will find a summary of the most important facts.


Test registration
The registration for participation in the TM-BASE is only made online via the registration portal. Early registration will be recommended if you want to take the test at your preferred location and time. Dates, deadlines and test locations are stated here.

Attending the test is subject to payment of a fee. The fee can be paid by credit card (MasterCard, Visa) or by means of online direct debit payment. It is not necessary that you are the holder of the credit card or the owner of the payment account. More


Test execution
The test takes approximately four hours; test time plus registration and admittance takes approximately five hours. The test will take place twice per day; one test in the morning and one test in the afternoon. More


Preparation for the test
The abilities measured by the test are the result of long-term learning and development processes; correspondingly, they are mainly disconnected from short-term influences. When selecting the types of exercises for the test, we try to use exercises that are demonstrably hard to train so that the test-related success does not depend on attending expensive preparation courses. Preparation on the basis of the information on this website and the demo test should still be made in order to familiarise yourself with the requirements. More


Useful processing techniques

The TM-BASE consists of four different groups of exercises. The total processing time for the test is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

  • It is important to ensure good management and use of the processing time. Uniform, careful and speedy working is essential for good results.
  • Thorough and exact reading of the exercises is a very important prerequisite for a good result.
  • Do not spend excessive time on exercises that you consider as extremely difficult or unusual.
  • If you cannot solve an exercise or the available time is too short to allow for detailed processing of an exercise, you should tick an answer at random. (No negative points for wrong answers!) More


Notes on forbidden behaviour
For tests like the TM-BASE it is of decisive importance that all participants are subject to the same working conditions, i.e. that all participants stick to the same rules and no one takes an advantage at the expense of the other participants. More


Information on test reports
The number of correct answers is converted into a scale with the mean value 100 and a standard deviation of 10 ("standard value"). Wrong answers and non-processed exercises are not considered.

If a test participant achieves a standard value of 100 his performance in the test corresponds to the arithmetic mean – always based on the total number of participants. More


The registration phase for the test dates in 2019 has started on 8 January. Early registration is recommended so that you will be able to take the test at your preferred location and time.

The registration phase for the test date on 29 June 2019 ends on 11 June!

Dates, deadlines and test locations are stated here.

As of the winter semester 2019/2020 the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is considerin the results of the TM-BASE for its Masters' Programme Accounting and Finance (M.Sc.).

Important: If you want to apply for this programme you need to take the TM-BASE in English.

The prognostic power of TM-BASE has been proven in a scientific study with 247 master’s graduates. The test result predicts the final grade very well: The correlation between the test result and the final grade is r = .44.

Registering for the TM-BASE Demo test Dates & Fees