Benefits for students due to the TM-BASE

• equal requirements for all participants

• high relation to the field of business economics

• no need for attending expensive preparation courses

Preparation for the Test

The abilities measured by the test are the result of long-term learning and development processes; correspondingly, they are mainly disconnected from short-term influences. When selecting the types of exercises for the test, we try to use exercises that are demonstrably hard to train so that the test-related success does not depend on attending expensive preparation courses. 


However, it will be helpful to inform yourself on the performance conditions and the types of exercises before the test day already. It will be soothing to know the test conditions already in advance; furthermore, you will save time during the test if you familiarised yourself with the processing instructions of the different groups of exercises already in advance. Familiarity with the typical questions, certain techniques or the specific language use in the field of economic and social sciences may facilitate the solving of the exercise; however, special knowledge in these fields will not be required.


You should familiarise yourself with the test system and perform our online demo test. The demo test can be found here. This test is optimised for recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Please deactivate pop-up blockers and download the concept paper (this includes processing instructions and information relevant for solving the exercises) before starting the test. This way, you will receive a good impression of the corresponding requirements and you will familiarise yourself with the navigation within the test system and the given time frames. After finishing the demo test under real conditions, you should work through the exercises again and take a closer look on the exercises that were difficult. This will enable you to identify typical sources of error so that you can avoid these errors during the real test.


The difficulty of the demo test is similar to the difficulty of the real test. There are easy, medium and hard exercises; we select the exercises in such a way so that an average person will be able to correctly solve about the half of the exercises.


Your preparation work for the test day should include more than only processing of the exercise examples. As soon as you received your invitation letter, please inform yourself on how to get to the test centre. Furthermore, please ensure that you provide of a valid official photo identification on the test day. Please also consider that the long processing time makes high demands on stamina, power of concentration and your ability to work under pressure; these demands can be best met if you are recovered and relaxed. Relaxation techniques may have a positive effect. Simple techniques such as taking a deep breath, soft shaking out of your hands, powerful stretching and a relaxed sitting posture may relieve or prevent cramps and calm your nerves.


The registration phase for the test dates in 2019 has started on 8 January. Early registration is recommended so that you will be able to take the test at your preferred location and time.

The registration phase for the test date on 29 June 2019 ends on 11 June!

Dates, deadlines and test locations are stated here.

As of the winter semester 2019/2020 the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is considerin the results of the TM-BASE for its Masters' Programme Accounting and Finance (M.Sc.).

Important: If you want to apply for this programme you need to take the TM-BASE in English.

The prognostic power of TM-BASE has been proven in a scientific study with 247 master’s graduates. The test result predicts the final grade very well: The correlation between the test result and the final grade is r = .44.

Registering for the TM-BASE Demo test Dates & Fees