3 good reasons for the employment of the TM-BASE

• identification of the best applicants

• no effort for the universities

• individually exploitable


Information for Universities

The test as a proven method for the selection of students

  • Good success prediction
  • Objectivity
  • Acceptance
  • Ability tests have merit in court
  • Efficiency


The employment of an ability test enables universities to identify the most suitable persons and to recruit them for their programmes. More



  • High specificity
  • Low trainability
  • Reasonable participation fee
  • Service for the participants
  • Differentiated feedback
  • Adaptability to different study programmes
  • Grade equivalents

The TM-BASE measures competences critical for success

The TM-BASE encompasses five areas of competence that proved to be critical for success in master’s programmes of economics and social sciences:

  • Analytical-mathematical competence
  • Linguistic competence
  • Structuring ability
  • The ability to think logically
  • Planning and organizational ability

The TM-BASE is administered as an online test at test centres outside the universities in many German cities and also abroad if needed. The organisation, administration and evaluation of the test as well as the notivication of the participants as to their scores are carried out by ITB – no effort is required on the part of the universities. More


The TM-BASE is valid, high in quality and widely accepted
The evaluations testify to the TM-BASE’s high degree of measurement accuracy and validity. The correlation between test result and master’s final grade of r = .44 proves the high prognostic power of the TM-BASE (determined by  N = 247 master’s graduates).  The TM-BASE increases the chances of admission for applicants from universities which make high demands on their studients and/or grade them rigorously. In several surveys of the participants, the majority of respondents assessed the TM-BASE as positive. 60% of the respondents were of the opinion that TM-BASE was suitable for improving the objectiveness of the selection process. More


Individual models for student selection with TM-BASE
There are numerous ways of using tests to select students. A number of models which have proven themselves in practice are described here. We will be happy to advise you on planning your selection procedure and an optimal integration of TM-BASE into this selection procedure.


The registration phase for the test dates in 2019 has started on 8 January. Early registration is recommended so that you will be able to take the test at your preferred location and time.

The registration phase for the test date on 29 June 2019 ends on 11 June!

Dates, deadlines and test locations are stated here.

As of the winter semester 2019/2020 the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is considerin the results of the TM-BASE for its Masters' Programme Accounting and Finance (M.Sc.).

Important: If you want to apply for this programme you need to take the TM-BASE in English.

The prognostic power of TM-BASE has been proven in a scientific study with 247 master’s graduates. The test result predicts the final grade very well: The correlation between the test result and the final grade is r = .44.

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