3 good reasons for the employment of the TM-BASE

• identification of the best applicants

• no effort for the universities

• individually exploitable


The Test as a Proven Method for the Selection of Students

For various reasons, the selection of students for master’s programmes is becoming ever more important:

  • Successful master’s graduates are walking advertisements for the universities they
    went to.
  • A demanding and high-quality education presupposes that the students measure up to the high demands.
  • There are significantly more applicants than capacity, making it necessary for universities to make a selection.

A large number of methods can be used for the selection of students. Most of these methods revolve around identifying the persons with the best prospects for success. Other important aspects its objectivity, its acceptance among potential applicants, its ability to stand up in court and its efficiency. Of the possible selection methods/criteria (e.g. bachelor grades, knowledge tests, ability tests, selection interviews, personality tests, letters of recommendation, letters of motivation), ability tests are those that have proven most effective over the past decades – in Germany and all over the world.

Ability tests offer many advantages

Good success prediction
Ability tests allow good predictability of academic success. Apart from  school-leaving grades, no other method is capable of a similarly reliable prognosis (see the meta-analysis by Hell, Trapmann & Schuler, 2007).


Ability tests are objective. Results are comparable, because the tests impose the same requirements to all participants and leave no scope of discretion.


Ability tests are accepted by applicants and hold top places in the ranking of selection methods (see Hell & Schuler, 2005; Herde, 2012).


Legal disputes
Ability tests have merit in court.


With regard to their administration and evaluation, ability tests are economical for both the participants and the universities.


In the selection of bachelor students, already the school-leaving grade-point average provides a good prognosis of academic success. The prognosis can be significantly improved through the additional use of a test method. This improvement is particularly worthwhile when there are subtantially more applicants than capacity to accommodate them, and when the study programme is especially demanding.

In the case of master students, selection on the basis of bachelor grades is problematic on account of the insufficient comparability of these grades. The universities and study programmes differ substantially with regard to the demands they place on the students and how they award grades. The comparison of applicants from different universities on the basis of bachelor grades is thus possible only to a very limited degree (Wissenschaftsrat, 2012). The additional implementation of a test method is sensible as a means of ensuring that holders of bachelor’s  degrees from highly demanding universities with rigorous grading practices have a fair chance of  being accepted to a master’s programme.


In the selection of students for a master’s programme, the employment of an ability test enables universities to identify the most suitable persons and to recruit them for their programmes.


The registration phase for the test dates in 2019 has started on 8 January. Early registration is recommended so that you will be able to take the test at your preferred location and time.

The registration phase for the test date on 29 June 2019 ends on 11 June!

Dates, deadlines and test locations are stated here.

As of the winter semester 2019/2020 the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is considerin the results of the TM-BASE for its Masters' Programme Accounting and Finance (M.Sc.).

Important: If you want to apply for this programme you need to take the TM-BASE in English.

The prognostic power of TM-BASE has been proven in a scientific study with 247 master’s graduates. The test result predicts the final grade very well: The correlation between the test result and the final grade is r = .44.

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